06:33 PM | 10-02-2024

Hi. I was diagnosed with End organ resistance to thyroxine in 2011. My weight gain has led to a BMI of 46. What can i do to fix my health issue

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07:23 PM | 10-02-2024

Dear Salman, 
Thanks for sharing your query with us and we understand your worry. Thyroxine has a crucial role in the body's metabolism and resistance to thyroxine results in slow metabolism which leads to weight gain and other health issues, Increased BMI 46 (Severe obesity) is one of the results of it.
You can take the following measures to fix your health issues. 
1. Apply the wet pack in the morning (empty stomach) and evening for 20 minutes on the neck and Abdomen.
2. Avoid Gluten and all kinds of Packaged snacks
3. Include steamed vegetables with grated coconut as a salad for lunch and dinner. 
4. Add any physical activity to your daily routine.

For more detailed guidance you can come with us for personal coaching with our Natural Health Coach, which helps you make the transition step by step. If you would like to know more contact us:+91 96301 62732 (Sanjana), +91 95487 14775 (Neha)

Meanwhile, you can read the conquer thyroid naturally Journey. 

Wishing you good health
Team Wellcure

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