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03:18 PM | 26-06-2019

How can one cure fatigue?

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4 Answers

10:07 AM | 01-07-2019

Eat to beat fatigue
Eat a hearty breakfast along with some frequent small meals to keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Inclusion of fibre rich and carbs rich would be beneficial.Cut down the fatty ones.Include beverages to a good quantity which should include needed amount of water without a doubt along with fresh juices.Spinach in a day can keep the fatigue away.

Reduce the caffeinated drinks and also ensure that you are taking adequate sleep not more not less moderation should be followed.Along with this exercise regime is way too important to keep your body active.

08:23 PM | 26-06-2019

Why does the body get tired?

- Heavy food - Oily, spicy, starchy (grain based), non veg, cooked food especially eaten without hunger which increases digestive load on the body and causes dehydration

- Overwork mentally and physically without proper rest

- Intake of chemicals through polluted environment, cosmetics, toiletries, food, medicines etc

- Too much time spent indoor without the rejuvenating impact of sunlight and fresh air

- Continuous inflow of thoughts particularly negative thoughts cause stress on the body

- And surprisingly, bad sitting and standing posture cause tiredness too

We have to work on all these factors continuously to see an improvement in overall health and levels of energy.

As a start, to see the greatest gains, I would say increase your quota of raw food and take adequate rest,

10:08 AM | 01-07-2019

Fatigue can be reduced by following some daily routine as given below:

  1. Only the adequate amount for sleep is necessary to take i.e. 6-7 hours a day. Do not sleep more or less than that.
  2. Eat healthy and nutritious diet each day.
  3. Practice cardio exercises to increase stamina.
  4. Try not to skip meals.
  5. Go to bed early so that the cycle for the next day isn't hampered.

10:07 AM | 01-07-2019

Whenever your stomach is empty lie down on a mat in supine position or sit on a chair with straight spine. Do some deep and long slow abdominal breathing for 20 seconds.

After that be aware of the inhalation and exhalation duration - increase the exhalation duration by double of the inhalation duration. For example if you breathe in for 4 seconds then breathe out for 8 seconds. Do 5 to 6 rounds of this yogic breathing.

This whole process of yogic breathing to be done for 3 times a day for 5 to 6 days. You will start feeling energetic by then to do actual yogic pranayam. Learn from a good yoga teacher some basic pranayam and do it regularly.

Fatigue is generally there if we don't have adequate oxygen intake and also because of accumulation of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases in body at cellular level. Mental stress can be cause of shallow breathing. So rythemic slow deep breathing is must like an infant. Pranayam helps greatly in this. Also get your thyroid functioning tested.

My best wishes.

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