07:12 PM | 28-08-2018

Hello all! Is there a natural cure to uc? I have been on a heavy dosage of allopathic medicines.

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5 Answers

12:10 PM | 20-11-2018

Hi. Ulcerative colitis means ulcers in the colon / large intestine. Any ulcers that we get in our body are a manifestation of excess acidity in our bodies. They are body’s way of telling you to reduce acidity & restore the acid-alkaline balance.  You can do so by eating foods that are natural, by staying calm & believing that all will be well and by resting a lot. Hence, UC is a problem that you can definitely get rid of. You don’t have to suffer from it for life!!

If you take allopathic medicines, they might give you temporary relief. But UC will keep recurring every now & then because medicines never treat the root cause of a problem.

I myself had ulcerative colitis and was on lifelong medication. Then I came across the natural way of living and made changes in my life. I have been medicine free & free from colitis since then. You can read my story in Health Journeys. I’ll be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.

12:08 PM | 20-11-2018

Please visit our Health Journeys section to read stories of people who were able to cure their ulcerative colitis naturally – Anchal Kapur & Yukti Kapoor.

11:32 AM | 15-11-2018

Often stress is a big big reason for UC. Please work on that. Keep yourself happy & relaxed. Please follow Louise Hay, read her books, watch her videos. She will help you in creating joy in your life.

12:29 PM | 04-09-2018

The natural cure to every problem is – nature.  Eat whole plant based foods, lots of fruits & veggies, no refined & packaged products. Do relaxing yoga, sleep well. Definitely remove dairy & non veg from your diet & notice the change.

12:28 PM | 04-09-2018

I’m also sharing a home remedy that I had got to know of through my mom’s friend. I used to eat powder of jackfruit leaves.

Jackfruit is called kathal in hindi. You have to take leaves from kathal tree, wash them properly with water, let them dry in a room, i.e. not in sunlight. I used to let them dry under a fan in my dining room. Drying will take a few days, after that grind them in your mixie & make a powder. The powder will be coarse, don't seive it. You should have 1-2 tbsp of this powder everyday twice a day on an empty stomach, once first thing in the morning  & once in the evening around 4 - 5 pm. I continued taking this powder for many days even after UC went into remission stage & left it once I felt comfortable.

However, this is just a remedy for short term relief that worked for me. The real lifelong ‘cure’ lies in changing lifestyle & I have stated that in my Health Journey.

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