08:29 PM | 20-08-2019

Hi Everyone pls can you advise diet for a 69 yrs old male suffering from bones tb as per the tests done at artemis? The person is having real pain as side effect of medicine is vomit and loss of apetite. Need it for someone very close.

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09:52 PM | 20-08-2019

A healthy balanced diet is very essential for a patient with tuberculosis

A healthy balanced diet can be said so thosehaving foods from four basic food groups those we eat regulary. These are:

  • Foods like Cereals, millets and pulses
  • Plant sources mainly from vegetables and fruits
  • Soy Milk instead of milk
  • Food groups like oils, fats and nuts and oils seeds.

Other foods based on their functional properties could be considered as well

  • Energy giving foods ( carbohydrates and fats ) - Foods like whole grain cereals, millets,nuts and oil seeds.
  • Body building foods ( proteins ) - Foods like pulses, nuts,soy and some oil seeds
  • Protective foods ( vitamins and minerals ) - Foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits

Foods To Avoid:

Alcohol, smoke, sugarated drinks, spicy oily or fried foods, junk foods etc

Note; if the patient has denture problems the hard food could be made into powder or paste with the help of a mixer grinder



08:42 AM | 21-08-2019


The exact disease is potts spine and he has difficulties in eating as apetite is affected by the medication. This also leads to vomit after eating.

Pls can you suggest a diet plan they can follow which can help him with his apetite to start with so that he can start eating more normally and also fight the infection!



07:45 PM | 21-08-2019

Dear Mr. Berwal At the out set you must take into your heart that T.B. of spine or pott's spine of my wife ( aged 27 at that time year 1986 ) was cured radically by nature cure. It took almost 18 to 20 months for complete recovery. Since we didn't allow any biopsy to be conducted or medication to be given before opting to go for Nature cure, I had by that time had become a staunch follower of nature cure. 
Since the history of your case is not available it will not be possible to chalk out a program based on Nature cure principles. You have mentioned to have medication for quite a long time. In Nature cure it is the vitality of the patient which effect the cure. There is a test of vitality framed by Acharya K.L. Sarma this test of vitality is to be undertaken in the guidance of an expert and skilled Nature cure practitioner. Full case history is needed to be uploaded before further advice in the matter  can be  given. As a precurser  the  patient  has to  live  on  a frugal diet of vegetables cooked and raw  ,fruit  juices, in  accordance with the Law of Vital  Economy, and  judicious  application  of  other  NC  methods. Have a mental poise. 


11:08 PM | 21-08-2019

Dear Pawar Jee

I will touchbase with you offline. Pls can you msg me your contact details in private.


Vijai Pawar

03:43 PM | 24-08-2019


09:51 PM | 20-08-2019



सालों से ग़लत खान पान से शरीर में जो विषाणु जमा होता है उसको हज़म करने के लिए शरीर की हड्डियों के बीच जो मज्जा (fluid) 31% है। हमारा पाचन तंत्र उससे शक्ति लेती हैं। क्योंकि शरीर में पर्याप्त मिनरल नहीं होता है। सही खुराक कच्चे फल सब्ज़ी सलाद मेवे को अपने नियमित आहार में शामिल करें।

बढ़ते उम्र के साथ हाज़मा और निष्कासन कि प्रकिया मंद हो जाती है। आहार में बदलाव और जीवनशैली में परिवर्तन उनको ज़रूर लाभ पहुँचाएगा।इस बीमारी का मूल कारण हाज़मा और क़ब्ज़ है।

शरीर पाँच तत्व से बना हुआ है प्रकृति की ही तरह।

आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, जल, पृथ्वी ये पाँच तत्व आपके शरीर में रोज़ खुराक की तरह जाना चाहिए।

पृथ्वी और शरीर का बनावट एक जैसा 70% पानी से भरा हुआ। पानी जो कि फल, सब्ज़ी से मिलता है।

1 आकाश तत्व- एक खाने से दूसरे खाने के बीच में विराम दें। रोज़ाना 15 घंटे का उपवास करें जैसे रात का भोजन 7 बजे तक कर लिया और सुबह का नाश्ता 9 बजे लें।

2 वायु तत्व- लंबा गहरा स्वाँस अंदर भरें और रुकें फिर पूरे तरीक़े से स्वाँस को ख़ाली करें रुकें फिर स्वाँस अंदर भरें ये एक चक्र हुआ। ऐसे 10 चक्र एक टाइम पर करना है। ये दिन में चार बार करें।

खुली हवा में बैठें या टहलें।

3 अग्नि तत्व- सूर्य उदय के एक घंटे बाद या सूर्य अस्त के एक घंटे पहले का धूप शरीर को ज़रूर लगाएँ। सर और आँख को किसी सूती कपड़े से ढक कर। जब भी लेंटे अपना दायाँ भाग ऊपर करके लेटें ताकि आपकी सूर्य नाड़ी सक्रिय रहे।

4 जल तत्व- खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें और खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा करें।

नीम के पत्ते का पेस्ट अपने नाभि पर रखें। 20मिनट तक रख कर साफ़ कर लें।

खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें और खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा करें।  दिन में दो बार तिल के तेल से घड़ी की सीधी दिशा (clockwise) में

और घड़ी की उलटी दिशा (anti clockwise)में मालिश करें। नरम हाथों से बिल्कुल भी प्रेशर नहीं दें।                     खीरा और नीम के पत्ते का पेस्ट अपने मेरुदंड (spine)पर रखें। 20मिनट तक रख कर साफ़ कर लें।

मेरुदंड स्नान के लिए अगर टब ना हो तो एक मोटा तौलिया गीला कर लें बिना निचोरे उसको बिछा लें और अपने मेरुदंड को उस स्थान पर रखें।

मेरुदंड (स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें। हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें और हफ़्ते में 3 दिन मेरुदंड का स्नान करें। 

5 पृथ्वी- सब्ज़ी, सलाद, फल, मेवे, आपका मुख्य आहार होगा। आप सुबह सफ़ेद पेठे 20ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। 2 घंटे बाद फल नाश्ते में लेना है।

दोपहर में 12 बजे फिर से इसी जूस को लें। इसके एक घंटे बाद खाना खाएँ।शाम को 5 बजे सफ़ेद पेठे (ashguard) 20 ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी मिला। 2घंटे तक कुछ ना लें। रात के सलाद में हरे पत्तेदार सब्ज़ी को डालें। कच्चा पपीता 50 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। कभी सीताफल ( yellow pumpkin)50 ग्राम ऐसे ही डालें। कभी सफ़ेद पेठा (ashgurad) 30 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। ऐसे ही ज़ूकीनी 50 ग्राम डालें।कद्दूकस करके डालें। ताज़ा नारियल पीस कर मिलाएँ। कभी काजू बादाम अखरोट मूँगफली भिगोए हुए पीस कर मिलाएँ। रात का खाना 8 बजे खाएँ

लाल, हरा, पीला शिमला मिर्च 1/4 हिस्सा हर एक का मिलाएँ। इसे बिना नमक के खाएँ। नमक सेंधा ही प्रयोग करें। नमक की मात्रा dopahar के खाने में भी बहुत कम लें। सब्ज़ी पकने बाद उसमें नमक नमक पका कर या अधिक खाने से शरीर में (fluid)  की कमी हो जाती है। एक नियम हमेशा याद रखें ठोस (solid) खाने को चबा कर तरल (liquid) बना कर खाएँ। तरल (liquid) को मुँह में घूँट घूँट पीएँ। खाना ज़मीन पर बैठ कर खाएँ। खाते वक़्त ना तो बात करें और ना ही TV और mobile को देखें। ठोस (solid) भोजन के तुरंत बाद या बीच बीच में जूस या पानी ना लें। भोजन हो जाने के एक घंटे बाद तरल पदार्थ (liquid) ले सकते हैं।

ऐसा करने से हाज़मा कभी ख़राब नहीं होगा।

जानवरों से उपलब्ध होने वाले भोजन वर्जित हैं।

तेल, मसाला, और गेहूँ से परहेज़ करेंगे तो अच्छा होगा।

हफ़्ते में एक दिन उपवास करें। शाम तक केवल पानी लें, प्यास लगे तो ही पीएँ। शाम 5 बजे नारियल पानी और रात 8 बजे सलाद। 



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली शिक्षिका (Nature Cure Educator)


03:07 PM | 26-06-2020

Hello Suraj,

Bone tuberculosis usually affects the spine, long bones, and joints.
The patient may experience pain, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, abscess, fever, night sweats, weight loss.
In severe cases, neurological symptoms, paralysis, bone deformities may also occur.

Diet to follow

  • Have one amla daily. This will help to build immunity and has antioxidants.
  • Drink freshly prepared homemade fruit juices. 
  • Drink almond milk.
  • Eat soaked nuts and dry fruits in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Have sprouts in your breakfast. 
  • Have fresh, seasonal, and locally available fruits and vegetables. 
  • Include whole grains like barley, millets, oats, etc in your diet.

Foods to avoid- 

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco. 
  • Say no to tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks. 
  • Avoid dairy products and animal foods. 
  • Avoid processed, packaged, preserved, oily and spicy foods.


  • Start the day with a short morning walk of at least 30min. 
  • Perform pranayam regularly specially anulom-vilom, kapalbhati and bhastrika pranayam. 
  • Walk barefoot on grass early in the morning. 
  • Take early morning sun rays daily for at least 20min. 


Sleeping pattern is important for maintaining the circadian rhythm and hormonal balance. When we sleep, our body repairs the cells and secretes proteins that build our immunity. Hence, have a proper sleep of at least 7-8hours daily. Sleep early at night at around 10 pm and also wake up early in the morning at around 6 am. 

Thank you 

02:08 PM | 26-08-2019

Hello :)

Thanks for sharing your problem. Sorry that someone close to you is going through this pain. I would say if the patient is allergic to medicines then firstly it is important to discuss this with your Medical Practitioner. Secondly, the patient needs to be in an environment where they can get the most from nature. Nature is the best healer, and so if it is possible to expose the patient to nature and clean environment and especially in Tuberculosis it is important.

Secondly, use everything organic for the patient, that is organically grown plants which should be cooked either in organic coconut oil. Coconut oil fights the most dreaded illnesses, and it has powerful properties to kill the disease. It also increases the function of white blood corpuscles in the body. 

With the loss of appetite, the patient can eat lots of fruits or drink coconut milk, almond milk (in a shake form) along with dry fruits to help them gain inner strength.



03:54 PM | 22-08-2019

All diseases are an effect of toxemia i.e toxin accumulation overtime due to a wrong lifestyle.

For all diseases, the solution is the same, natural diet comprised of majorly raw fruits and vegetables with a few nuts, seeds and sprouts. This is the law of unity. You will need guidance from a nature cure practitioner however to help the patient come out of a chronic case. Please write to info@wellcure.com and they can guide you.

You can also read this health journey about how Shabana healed from TB.

All the best. Don't worry, return to nature has wonderful possibilities. Start today.

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