01:52 PM | 28-01-2020

I am suffering from acidity. Could you tell me any remedial measures?

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5 Answers

07:06 PM | 28-01-2020

Hello Tarunkumar,

The best way to treat Acidity is by maintaining the pH. of the stomach. It is important for our body to maintain the acid-alkaline level in order to work in harmony. 

Start your day with two-three glasses of water this will make sure all the irregular junk will flush out from the body. The next thing is to make sure always have a bowl of salad before meals ideally a fruit salad in the afternoon and vegetable salad in the evening before the meals. This will ensure that your body will be away from making unwanted acid.

Tomato with black pepper is again helpful in handling pH., at night at least keep a gap of two hours between the meals and sleep.

Hopefully, this helps you in treating acidity.

Thank you

07:58 AM | 29-01-2020


  • Acidity occurs due to improper food habits like irregular intake of food,  taking more spicy and fatty food items. 
  • Stress due to day to day hectic activities.  

To get cure from acidity follow a proper diet pattern:

  • Drink more water and keep your body hydrated.
  • Avoid overeating,  avoid coffee tea and other artificial beverages, they cause disrupted gastric secretion. 
  • Avoid drinking water in between or immediately before or after meals. Drinking water may cause dilution of gastric secretion leads to indigestion and acidity.
  • Avoid stress and take proper sleep.  Stress has a direct effect on the digestive system. Avoid stress by doing Yogasanana, meditation and relaxation techniques. 
  • Take more alkaline foods like banana,  Green leafy and green vegetables.
  • Take few basil leaves or small piece ginger, boil it in a cup of water and drink warm. It helps to get relief from acidity. 
  • Drinking tea prepared by boiling fennel seeds or cinnamon will helps to improve digestion and in proper absorption of nutrients. 
  • Adding cloves and cumin seeds in your food also helps to improve digestion and prevents acidity. 
  • Regular physical activities also help to relieve stress and improves metabolism.  


08:01 AM | 29-01-2020

Hi! Here are some resources that might be of help:

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  2. Health Journeys of people made lifestyle changes and managed their acidity problem
  3. Body Wisdom blogs:
  4. You may consult a Nature Cure expert through our Nature-Nurtures Program who can help you in making the transition to a natural lifestyle, step by step.

09:28 PM | 28-01-2020

Dear health seeker Tarun.
The root cause of all diseases is acidity, acid reflux or total gastrointestinal diseases including, is 'Dyspepsia ', whose management through basic nature cure requires total discipline and entire reforms of eating habits in general and complete lifestyle changes are warranted. You will have to follow the eternal laws governing our organism will definitely ensure freedom from all disease symptoms including your specific stomach ailments.

Please follow as under:-

  1. Ensure to eat only when sufficient true hunger is there to digest the food eaten. We must eat to live and not live to eat. 
  2. As a  start drink any alkaline juice either of the following, ash gourd, bilva patra,  banana pith. 
  3. Sunbathing in the early morning sun for 25 minutes, followed by a spinal bath or full bath. 
  4. Some simple yogic asanas. 
  5. A wet pack over the abdomen for 20 minutes twice a day. 
  6. Fruit salads or vegetable salads in breakfast. 
  7. Conservatively  cooked  vegetables and  raw  salads with  enough  coconut scrappings
  8. Fruit juice at or around 4 PM if there's a sufficiency of hunger, if not then avoid. 
  9. Conservatively cooked vegetables plus one or two rotis or small quantities of rice. 
  10. Say your prayers. 
  11. Sleep on a hard bed. 
  12. Needless to mention that avoid all enervating foods and habits like tea, coffee, cola drinks and alcohol, and animal products, sugar. Refined, processed foodless foods. This is very very important. 

You may take as many months to get rid of your affliction for as many years you are undergoing this trouble. 

   A  very nice and healthy life is there, waiting in the wings.

Wish you healthy and sublime health. 
  V.S.Pawar MIINT 

07:18 PM | 28-01-2020

Acidity buildup in the stomach and reflux is definitely curable. Due to an incorrect lifestyle, the accumulation of toxins would have become the breeding ground for a lot of bacteria and viruses in the body. This weakens your gut and weakens the liver which becomes a storeroom for the pile of toxins. Anything that does not belong to the category of fruits, veggies, and greens goes to the list of toxins - bad smells, chemicals, medicines anything. Overtime bile becomes less potent and this taxes the stomach and strength of HCL in the stomach become less. As that becomes less, this can increase the acidity of the stomach due to other bad acids and bacteria that are thriving. So the acid reflux happens in some cases when this buildup causes weakness in the oesophageal valve. It’s not the HCL of the body that actually is protecting you. Its other things that are not supposed to be there comes out burning your oesophageal lining and GUT.

Do the following for 10 days:-

1) Quit dairy, eggs, meat, and fish.

2) Quit sugar, processed foods, and ready to eat foods. Refined oils, and anything that is polished. You should also avoid all kinds of fried food and oil in your cooked food.

3) Drink 500ml of pure cucumber juice on an empty stomach daily morning.

4) Next hunger 500 ml of ash gourd juice.

5) Tender coconut for the whole day.

5) Repeat this for 4,5 for 3 days and stay on only juices.

If u feel like vomiting, it’s fine. Don’t worry. That’s expected. Continue juicing.

Continue to keep a wet cloth. Repeat after every 1hr. and continue to drink. Expose your bare torso to the morning sun for 1hr. You will see things falling in place by then.

Follow raw juicy fruits and juicy veg. diet for a month after that with juicing.

After a month, do the same juices till 12 pm and then next hunger fruits that are juicy like watermelon. Continue only such fruits and juices till dinner.

Keep your stomach as less busy as possible without any solids but flooding with liquids as this helps your bad acids clear up. Add cooked for the night - gluten-free, oil-free, spice free. Continue wet cloth daily for 30 minutes, sunbath for 30 minutes. Avoid the following for entire life - dairy, eggs, meat, fish, sugar, wheat, oils, packaged foods, etc. the more you are on raw, the better it is.

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri (Holistic lifestyle coach)

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