11:50 AM | 28-03-2019

What's the best time to eat sprouts? Can they be eaten along with a cooked meal? And is it ok to have sprouts at night, may be a sprout salad dinner? Heard sprouts at night cause gas formation.

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3 Answers

09:56 AM | 29-03-2019

When legumes are sprouted they become live food plus water rich. Nutritionally they become very rich due to the sprouting process. Their digestibility also increases due to the higher level of enzymes.

Sprout can be consumed in salads or in a cooked meal. Salads are the best options but in cooked food, they are better than pulses.

The important thing to remember is that chewing is a critical part of their digestion gas issues are outcome of our poor chewing habits. Other reason is poor food combinations.

In cooked meals you can use sprouts in khichdi, make dal or put it in rice.

10:15 PM | 22-02-2021

Are You having querry like can i eat sprouts at night or when to eat sprouts, then I must tell you that, best sprouts eating time is post 12. Do not combine them with grains to avoid bloating and it’s always best not to eat more than a handful with other raw vegetables in a salad. They are complex and it’s best to eat about a handful in a day. 

10:24 PM | 22-02-2021

Most of the people are having question like can i eat sprouts at night, so read ahead to know more about when to eat sprouts.

What is the best time to eat sprouts - anytime after noon because till then you should eat only fruits to support the body's elimination cycle.

Best way to eat them is with raw veggie salads. Typically a sprouts salad is a meal in itself.

Ideally, a salad should be taken before the cooked meal so that enzymes from the raw salad are available to digest the cooked food. If you mix the two, it's a bit of a hotchpotch for the body & you can imagine the body will have to work harder to deal with it.

However, there's often a difference between the ideal & the real, especially because our body has a great coping ability & also the effects of the less than ideal food combinations may not be immediately visible!! 

If you have question like is it good to eat sprouts at night then I must tell you that it is absolutely ok. Like I mentioned, its more about the combination you eat. So be more careful to eat it by itself if eating at night...Gas can also get formed due to overeating or emotional reasons. So pls don't take stress about eating sprouts at night!! Eat them happily, in a relaxed manner. 

If you still feel sprouts are making you gassy, then you need to improve your gut flora by having more fruits & vegetables :-). Sprouts are alkaline forming healthy foods, they can't lead to indigestion. We had an interesting Q&A thread on broccoli, you should read that as well.  

Hope you must have got the idea of when to eat sprouts.

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