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06:11 PM | 17-08-2019

I am under weight since my birth and due to which I suffer from social issues people make fun of my slim physique

07:50 PM | 18-08-2019

Mam/sir... Mujey bht tym sey body m heaviness headache rehta tha bht checkup krvaya to Dr ney animea or gas ki pblm btayi h bht chakar bhi aata h... What can I do?? Or mam dr ney mujey cepodam xp diya the one week ko but thoda thk hua abi fir vessey h or breathing m bhi pblm hoti h

05:42 PM | 17-08-2019

Can someone guide me on coconut milk? When I use it in curries, it often separates. And for how long can it b kept? In fridge also it starts becoming sour after 24 hours or so.

09:01 AM | 23-07-2019

I had pcos 2 years back it was not very critical. I got ok with medicines, but after that I started gaining weight. My thighs and lower abdomen started swelling. In past month the swelling got so bad that my usual clothes doesn't fit me. I am a office goer, so little to no exercise just walking. Please advice me some easy diet and easy exercises.

06:33 PM | 28-08-2018

Why do I feel a dip in energy by 12 pm?

05:26 PM | 17-08-2019

I am a 28 year old. My height is 5'2"inch and weight is 48. 9 kg. I dont have any health issues but i am suffering from hair loss. Can any one help me out?

05:41 PM | 02-08-2019

Hello I am devesh sharma i eat so much but my weight is not increasing so pls tell me what should i do??

11:32 AM | 22-08-2019

Please suggest Insomnia remedies

10:31 AM | 23-08-2019

6 months ago my pulse rate was 110+ and BP 140/90, currently on medication of panic attack and BP. Dr. Has advised to take Serta and ciplar-la tablet once a day.

10:03 PM | 16-08-2019

I am 30 years old and I diagnosed diabetes 2 weeks before around fasting blood sugar 300+ and today my fasting blood sugar 138 and Ha b1c is 16. 9 so how can I cure my diabetes and reversal of diabetes possible or not and if possible then how can I cure?

10:42 AM | 02-08-2019

I am having vitamin b12 deficiency since last 1 and half year and i have taken methylcobalamin for more than 2 months. What to do next? I think my body is not absorbing vitamin b12

10:37 AM | 02-08-2019

Hi I am 38 years old male haveing pancreatitis and taking the enzymes orally. Due to this I am suffering from diabetes type 3C. I have loss weight around 20 kg for last 3 years. In 2016 I am 80 kg but now I am only 60 kg. Kindly suggest me Diet so that I can control my sugar level and help to gain the weight

05:41 PM | 17-08-2019

Hlo mam/sir my age is 21years mujhe last 7-8 year se sneezing allergy he subhe jase he soke uthta hu sneezing start ho jati he or fir cold ho jata he kbhi kbhi to fever bhi ho jata he nose me itching bhi hoti he me iske kafi treatment le chuka hu homeopathic,aleopathic,ayurvedic,sab kuch try kr lia but thik ni hota jab tak treatment chalta he tab tk thik rehta hu uske baad fir se problem start ho jati he me is se kafi tang ho chuka hu please help me.

10:34 AM | 23-08-2019

If I am suffering from coronary artery disease or angina, what precautions should be taken? Please guide.

11:27 AM | 18-08-2019

Autism... Is it for a lifetime.?... Can a child... Outgrow it? How can it be treated help plsss really in tears

05:27 PM | 17-08-2019

What is the cause of fatigue in body and heaviness in chest

10:09 AM | 25-07-2019

Hi I'm rupesh of age 21 and I'm way to thin my weight is just 48 kg. I have tried all sort of things like banana with milk, egg , meat , dairy products, weight gainer, protein powder,etc but no result. My digestion is also weak plz suggest the way I can increase my weight

10:57 AM | 21-08-2019

Hello mam how can i recover from varicose veins, i have this problem since 14 years I am now 23 years old i tried all the medicines,every time i disappointed. What can I do?

06:56 PM | 08-11-2018

I have been suffering from cold and cough for almost last 2 months. It only disturbs in the morning and rest of the day is normal. Is there anything i can do to cure it naturally before i finally have to visit a doctor?

11:05 AM | 11-01-2019

What is the remedy for loose motions?

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